the nvc trainer certification process

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering enrolling as a certification candidate with CNVC. Here I answer some frequently asked questions and offer suggestions on the certification journey.

The NVC trainer certification process is focused on three aspects:

  • Learning NVC: an understanding of the concepts and processes
  • Living NVC: application and integration of NVC consciousness into your life
  • Sharing NVC: Skills of NVC facilitation and training

As a certification candidate, you are encouraged to work on each of these three areas. To know more about the specific requirements in each of these areas, refer to the Certification Preparation Packet (CPP) on the CNVC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about certification, but I haven’t started learning NVC formally yet. Where do I begin?

If you are interested in certification and have not had a chance to begin learning NVC formally yet, my suggestion is that you begin attending NVC sessions with Certified Trainers.

Once you’ve experienced a few NVC sessions and have had 10 days of training, reach out to a certified trainer or a certification candidate to understand more about the process.

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When can I enroll for certification?

Before you enroll for certification, you will require at least 10 days of training in Nonviolent Communication with one or more certified trainers.

When you meet this requirement, these are the steps you can follow:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the certification preparation packet which explains the requirements and the process starting from pre-registration to final assessment.
  2. Explore why you want to be certified. Gain clarity about the purpose of enrolling for CNVC certification: what does it mean to you?
  3. Contact an assessor and arrive at a mutual agreement about working together. This page lists assessors from across the world. Please consult the CPP for suggestions on how to locate an assessor.
  4. Write your statement of intent, compile a list of trainings you attended with certified trainers, and ask a trainer (who is familiar with your participation in NVC workshops/sessions) for a letter of recommendation (consult the CPP to know more about all of these).
  5. Complete the rest of the application process as mentioned in the CPP.
Will training days and practice groups with you count towards the 10-day requirement?

Yes. Training days and practice sessions with me and any other certified trainer will count towards the ten-day requirement.

How long does the certification process usually take?

The certification process can take anywhere between three and five years. After you register as a candidate you are encouraged to to build a deeper and clearer understanding of nvc concepts, on integrating it in your life, NVC and receive feedback from participants, colleagues and community members. Refer to the CPP for more specific information on requirements.
The three to five year period is an indication for average time taken by most candidates. Some candidates may take few years to complete the certification, particularly if they’ve been practicing and integrating and we see for significant period of time before they register as candidates. Some candidates may take longer.

What does are the costs involved in certification?

The costs involved are as follows:

  • Registration fee
  • Pre-assessment fee
  • Assessment fee
  • Certification registration

The specifics of these are listed in the Certification Preparation Packet.

During the certification process, you are also required to continue learning NVC to deepen your own understanding; you will also pay workshop fees for these.

Do you mentor certification candidates?

I offer mentoring/coaching to certification candidates. If you are certification candidate, you can sign up for coaching sessions with me.

In our first session we will work together to create a learning plan based on your needs.

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