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“Calm, clear and grounded”

I recently had the opportunity to participate in an NVC workshop facilitated by Ranjitha. I was very impressed by her clarity of the concepts and delivery, and her sharp focus on the objectives of the each session. Most of all, she walked the talk—she demonstrated the essence of NVC in each and every interaction with us. This was my first introduction to NVC and I am left inspired to learn more and practice more. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an impactful and grounded facilitator.

Nitul Ojha

Facilitator and coach, Mumbai

“I’m able to negotiate with greater confidence”

As a freelancer, I’ve been told to charge my worth and always negotiate with clients, and I’ve wondered how to go about that. I sought Ranjitha’s help to understand how to communicate with a client, convey value and negotiate the charges. She helped me work on my communication so that I was able to handle the negotiation on equal footing. With her support, I was able to ask for—and received—double the rate I was charging earlier. I highly recommend working with Ranjitha on a one-on-one basis, if you want to take your skills of communication and navigating difficult situations to the next level.

Priyanka M

Voiceover artist and translator

“Crisp, clear and comprehensive facilitation”

It’s been a delight to be part of a practice group led by Ranjitha. It’s an experience to attend the sessions and share our reflections, and through discussion, relate that to our day-to-day life. While reflecting back the shared experience, Ranjitha effectively, effortlessly brings in the NVC elements. Her choice of words makes it simple to understand, relate with and also learn and grow. The follow-ups on email have also helped me deepen my understanding. Ranjitha shares concepts with simplicity and clarity—she is crisp, yet comprehensive. The way she articulates, instructs, and reflects what participants are saying brings in clarity not only to the person sharing their experiences and also to the others who heard the experience. 

Purva Watwe


“Ranjitha’s workshop helped me take my practice to the next level”

When I was studying to be a therapist I had come across NVC and learnt the basics. Attending a relationships workshop with Ranjitha took my knowledge to another level. Ranjitha has so much wisdom to share and answers individual questions articulately and with so much compassion. She took the group on a journey of self-exploration which allowed me to understand myself more deeply and the ways in which I would practically implement the skills of NVC in my life. Whether you have some or no knowledge of NVC, I would highly recommend working with Ranjitha. For me, these skills have allowed me to create deeper and more fulfilling connections in my life. I have also been able to successfully help others to do the same.

Tazneem Tarmohamed

Energy codes coach

“Ranjitha creates a rich, inclusive and therapeutic learning experience”

It has been my singular privilege to have been exposed to the world of NVC by Ranjitha. Ranjitha, as an expert, leads a life steeped and integrated in NVC; therefore, her authenticity, her passion and her integrity come across loud and clear in any of the engagements that she steers.

Ranjitha’s ability to hold space as a facilitator, surrender to what emerges as part of ongoing reflections and conversation thereof, willingness to embrace the uncertainty of the moment and, lastly, share her experiences as well as reflections that come from years of exposure, reading and practice, makes the learning experience rich, inclusive and therapeutic.

Personally, the NVC work has helped me shift away from an overemphasised cognitive, and helped me connect with my emotions, underlying needs and my inner self. Opening of the heart, greater self-awareness, better self-management have become pillars that have influenced my relationships with others positively; in sum, become a better leader, co-worker, parent and spouse externally, and a calmer, connected and balanced person internally.

Commodore Sriram Srinivasan (Veteran)

Organisatonal synergy consultant & team coach

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