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Customized communication training services for individuals, institutions and organizations

Learn NVC in person or online

Learn from a CNVC certified trainer in Bangalore, India. Online and offline workshops, practice groups and one-on-one work based on Nonviolent Communication.

Public workshops

Introductory and deepening workshops in Nonviolent Communication, empathy, self-compassion, relationships and managing conflict

Practice group

Fortnightly study group for NVC practitioners based in Bangalore

Corporate training

Workshops on collaborative communication and feedback, customized to the needs of your team/organization

Compassionate classrooms

NVC-based training modules for schools and educators


Deep listening and coaching based on NVC principles

Coming soon:

A series of curated conversations for NVC facilitators and practitioners, coming soon. Watch this space for more information!

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About me

I’ve been practicing NVC for close to a decade now and I continue to be blown away by how a framework that is seemingly so simple can have such a deep impact on my life. The practice of Nonviolent Communication has helped me understand myself better, and build my own ability to respond to disagreements and conflicts in my life. If this is something you’d like to explore as well, get in touch!

I am a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, USA.

I've worked with


Ranjitha is an amazing facilitator who shared her knowledge of Nonviolent Communication with great ease and simplicity. The way she facilitated the workshop gives me clarity, hope and a step in the direction I ‘choose’ to go on.


Expressive Arts Facilitator, Varanasi

I highly recommend it (NVC workshop) to anyone who wants to do better and grow as an individual. Ranjitha is simply fantastic—she is organized, clear, compassionate, and knows exactly how to keep the workshop on course. I am extremely grateful to her.

Sangeetha Bhaskaran

Freelance writer, Bangalore

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you again. Your time and spirit at APYC was so amazing! I’m very grateful that you shared your knowledge of NVC. I was at a gathering today of a minority group. I was listening to their story about mental ill health in their community. I notice I heard things so differently with my giraffe ears. I could hear their needs and noticed different strategies being attempted. So differently to what I would have before. It has enabled me to step back, and now I have more insight into what I can offer and see if they think it could be a new strategy option moving forward.

Elise Kathleen

Occupational therapist, Melbourne

Ranjitha took keen interest in customising the language to the client situation. She kept the language simple and made efforts to include all the participants.

She kept the entire workshop activity based which allowed participants to get NVC experientially. She is open to feedback and suggestions with context of making the workshop work for the participants. I loved working with her and learnt a lot from her.

Jitesh Kothari

Facilitator and coach, Mumbai

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