Practice group


The Bangalore Nonviolent Communication practice group was set up in March 2019. Since then, we have been meeting every fortnight to collectively deepen our practice of Nonviolent Communication, at Cubbon Park in central Bangalore. For the last year, we have been meeting on Zoom due to COVID restrictions.

We are exploring the Making Life Work course offered by Miki Kashtan and The Fearless Heart team. This group is open to anyone who has completed a foundational training in NVC.

Between sessions, we explore a particular module of the course, and meet to share reflections, insights and practice together.

To check if you are eligible, or to know more, write to me: connextcoachingATgmailDOTcom

What is the practice group?

A practice group is a community of people committed to practicing Nonviolent Communication, and who meet consistently to learn and practice nonviolent communication in a community space.

How often does your practice group meet?

The Bangalore practice group meets every other Sunday, 10AM-12PM IST.

Is it held online?

Due to COVID restrictions, we are holding the practice group online for the time being.

How is a practice group different from a workshop?

A learning workshop or training often has a structure and key learning points that will be covered during session. A practice group space offers more flexibility for content and open exploration.

What happens in a practice group?

Each practice group session begins with a check-in, learning content (which is dependent on the current theme): a combination of input and exercises, followed by a check-out/closing.

Who is eligible to attend the practice group meetings?

The practice group is open to all. We request commitment to attend consistently.

How can I join?

Write to me using the contact form to join the group.

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